Simone Pafundi

Attacking Midfielder (Centre) / F (C)
18 years old
Preferred Foot
5'5 / 166 cm
Player Rating
Rating - Tech: 5 Rating - Strength: 2 Rating - Intell: 5 Rating - Speed: 5 Rating - Stamina: 4 Rating - Tech: 5 Rating - Strength: 2 Rating - Intell: 5 Rating - Speed: 5 Rating - Stamina: 4
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Player Traits

Close ball control
Freekick specialist
Through ball passing
First touch
Link up play

Scout Report

Scout: Daniel Wainwright
Date: 16/03/2024
Recommendation: Developing Star (View Guide)
Potential Ability: 
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Simone Pafundi emerges as a dynamic force in the realm of football, characterised by his remarkable blend of technical proficiency, visionary playmaking, and explosive pace. Heralded for his mastery of the ball, Pafundi's ball control stands as a cornerstone of his playing style, allowing him to navigate through congested areas of the pitch with grace and precision. His deft touches and subtle dribbling maneuvers enable him to evade defensive pressure effortlessly, affording him ample space and time to influence proceedings in the attacking third.

Central to Pafundi's prowess is his visionary playmaking ability, which serves as a catalyst for his team's offensive endeavors. Possessing an astute footballing intellect, he exhibits an innate understanding of spatial dynamics and positional play, enabling him to anticipate unfolding plays and exploit defensive vulnerabilities with surgical precision. Pafundi's incisive passing range and acute vision enable him to thread through balls and deliver pinpoint crosses, thereby unlocking stubborn defenses and creating scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Furthermore, Pafundi's electrifying pace sets him apart as a potent attacking threat, capable of destabilizing opposing backlines with his explosive bursts of acceleration. His rapid acceleration and top-end speed not only allow him to outrun defenders but also afford him the ability to transition swiftly from defense to attack, thereby catching opponents off guard and capitalizing on counter-attacking opportunities. Whether embarking on marauding runs down the flanks or executing quick interchanges in central areas, Pafundi's pace adds a dynamic dimension to his team's offensive arsenal.

In addition to his technical and physical attributes, Pafundi demonstrates commendable versatility and adaptability on the field. While predominantly deployed as an attacking midfielder, he is equally proficient in operating across various positions within the midfield and attacking lines, seamlessly transitioning between playmaking duties and goal-scoring responsibilities as per the demands of the game. His tactical astuteness and versatility provide his manager with invaluable tactical flexibility, allowing for seamless adjustments and strategic variations throughout the course of a match.

In summary, Simone Pafundi emerges as a multifaceted talent, distinguished by his exceptional ball control, visionary playmaking, and electrifying pace. As he continues to refine his craft and evolve as a player, he undoubtedly possesses the potential to leave an indelible mark on the sport, captivating audiences with his artistry and inspiring the next generation of footballing prodigies. Whether orchestrating mesmerizing attacking sequences or delivering decisive contributions in the final third, Pafundi epitomizes the essence of a modern-day playmaker, destined to carve his name among the pantheon of footballing greats.

Scout History

Sun 10 Mar 2024 13:15
@ Stade de Genève
Swiss Super League
Lausanne Sports