Scout Reccomendations

Raw Potential

This player has shown glimpses of potential but requires significant development and refinement to reach a higher level.

Promising Potential

This player shows some promise and potential for improvement, but still has a long way to go before reaching the top level of the game.

Up-and-Coming Prospect

This player is gaining attention and recognition for their performances, showing glimpses of their potential, but there is still work to be done to fulfill it.

Promising Youngster

This young player demonstrates promising talent and has the potential to develop into a key player in the future.

Young Gun

The Young Gun category is for a young player who has already made a significant impact in professional football at a relatively early age.


The Late-Bloomer category is for a young footballer who might not have garnered much attention or recognition in their early career but has shown remarkable improvement in their later years

Developing Star

This player is on the right track towards stardom, displaying consistent growth and improvement, but there are still hurdles to overcome before reaching their full potential.

Solid Performer

This player is showcasing consistent performances and has the potential to achieve great things in the sport.

Impactful Game Changer

The Impactful Game Changer category is reserved for a young player who has the remarkable ability to turn the tide of a match with their exceptional skills and game-changing moments.

Future Star

This player possesses the qualities and potential to become a star, standing out as a rising talent in the footballing world.

Talented Prodigy

This player possesses exceptional talent and potential, showcasing skills beyond their age, and is on the cusp of breaking through as a true prodigy.

Emerging Superstar

This player is quickly becoming a superstar, with standout performances and immense potential that can lead them to the upper echelons of the sport.