Potential Ability

The player's overall potential appears to be lacking, and significant improvements are required to reach a higher level. There may be notable weaknesses or challenges that need to be addressed.
The player's overall potential shows some promise, but there are areas that need improvement and further development. While they may not possess standout qualities, they have room to grow and make progress.
The player's overall potential indicates promise and the ability to become a solid contributor. They possess a satisfactory foundation and have the potential to develop their skills further with the right guidance and opportunities.
The player's overall potential is above average, suggesting the possibility of becoming a valuable asset to their team. They demonstrate notable skills and abilities that can be honed to make a significant impact in the future.
The player's overall potential is exceptional, indicating the likelihood of reaching the highest level of performance. They possess outstanding qualities and skills that set them apart, making them a standout prospect with the potential to become a star player.