Sandro Tonali

Midfielder (Right) / DM (C), M (C)
24 years old
(23 years old when scouted)
Preferred Foot
5'11 / 180 cm
Player Rating
Rating - Tech: 4 Rating - Strength: 4 Rating - Intell: 5 Rating - Speed: 3 Rating - Stamina: 5 Rating - Tech: 4 Rating - Strength: 4 Rating - Intell: 5 Rating - Speed: 3 Rating - Stamina: 5
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Player Traits

Long range passing
Through ball passing
Short passing

Scout Report

Scout: Daniel Wainwright
Date: 02/07/2023
Recommendation: Solid Performer (View Guide)
Potential Ability: 
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Sandro Tonali is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder. Born on May 8, 2000, in Lodi, Italy, Tonali has emerged as one of the most promising young talents in Italian football. He began his youth career at Lombardia Uno before joining the renowned Brescia academy at the age of nine.

Tonali's rise to prominence came during the 2017-2018 season when he made his first-team debut for Brescia in Serie B at the tender age of 17. Since then, he has gone on to establish himself as a key player for both Brescia and the Italian national team.

One of Tonali's standout qualities is his exceptional passing ability. He possesses incredible vision and range of passing, which enables him to dictate play from deep positions. His ability to accurately deliver long balls and switch the play makes him an asset to any team. Tonali also has a keen eye for incisive through balls, often splitting the opposition's defense with his precise passes.

In addition to his passing, Tonali is a composed and intelligent player. He has excellent positional awareness, allowing him to find spaces in midfield and receive the ball under pressure. Despite his young age, he displays remarkable maturity in his decision-making and rarely gets flustered when confronted by opponents.

Tonali's defensive contributions should not be overlooked either. He is a tenacious midfielder who is not afraid to engage in physical battles. His strong tackling ability, combined with his reading of the game, enables him to intercept passes and break up the opposition's play effectively. Tonali's work rate and defensive discipline make him an asset when it comes to winning back possession and initiating counterattacks.

Furthermore, Tonali possesses good technique and close ball control. He is comfortable receiving the ball in tight spaces and has the ability to retain possession under pressure. His dribbling skills are commendable, allowing him to maneuver through opponents and create opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Tonali's versatility is another asset that sets him apart. While primarily deployed as a defensive midfielder, he is capable of playing in a more advanced position or even as a deep-lying playmaker. His adaptability allows managers to utilize him in various tactical systems, adding flexibility to the team's approach.

Despite his many strengths, Tonali is not without areas for improvement. At times, he can be prone to losing concentration and making rash challenges, which can lead to unnecessary fouls or bookings. Additionally, his goal-scoring record could be enhanced, as he has yet to consistently contribute goals and assists at the highest level.

Nevertheless, Tonali's potential is undeniable, and his performances have garnered attention from several top clubs. In 2020, he made a high-profile move to AC Milan, where he has continued to develop and showcase his abilities on a bigger stage. His performances for both club and country have earned him comparisons to Italian legends such as Andrea Pirlo.

In conclusion, Sandro Tonali is a highly talented midfielder with immense potential. His exceptional passing ability, defensive contributions, versatility, and composure on the ball make him a valuable asset to any team. As he continues to grow and gain experience, Tonali has the potential to become one of the best midfielders of his generation.

Scout History

Sat 12 Aug 2023 17:30
@ St. James' Park
Premier League
Newcastle United 
Aston Villa