Lewis Hall

Fullback (Left) / WB (L)
19 years old
(18 years old when scouted)
Preferred Foot
5'10 / 179 cm
Player Rating
Rating - Tech: 4 Rating - Strength: 3 Rating - Intell: 4 Rating - Speed: 4 Rating - Stamina: 5 Rating - Tech: 4 Rating - Strength: 3 Rating - Intell: 4 Rating - Speed: 4 Rating - Stamina: 5
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Player Traits


Scout Report

Scout: Daniel Wainwright
Date: 20/08/2023
Recommendation: Solid Performer (View Guide)
Potential Ability: 
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Lewis Hall is a highly versatile player, primarily operating as a left-back but possessing the ability to excel in various positions across the pitch. His adaptability, combined with his defensive prowess, makes him a valuable asset for any team.

Hall's adaptability is a key feature of his playing style. While he primarily operates as a left-back, he has demonstrated the capacity to thrive in multiple roles. He seamlessly transitions into a wing-back position when the tactical situation demands it, effectively adding an extra dimension to his team's attack while maintaining defensive stability.

Moreover, his versatility extends beyond the backline. Hall has showcased his competence when deployed in central midfield, where his work rate, passing ability, and tactical awareness enable him to contribute to both defensive and offensive phases of play. Additionally, he can be utilized on the wing, using his speed and dribbling skills to trouble opposing defenses and provide width in attack.

As a left-back, Hall exhibits strong defensive attributes. His positional awareness allows him to maintain a solid defensive shape, effectively tracking opposition wingers and preventing dangerous crosses into the box. He tackles with precision and timing, minimizing the risk of fouls and earning possession for his team.

Hall's ability to read the game also contributes to his effectiveness in interceptions and winning back possession. His defensive reliability makes him a dependable option for coaches seeking a balanced full-back who can provide stability in the backline.

Lewis Hall's versatility is a standout feature of his game. His capacity to excel in various positions, including left-back, wing-back, central midfield, and on the wing, offers tactical flexibility to any team. His defensive abilities, combined with his adaptability, make him a valuable asset for both defensive solidity and offensive creativity.

As he continues to refine his skills and gain experience, Lewis Hall has the potential to become a Swiss army knife player for any team, capable of thriving in multiple positions and contributing significantly to the team's success.

Scout History

Thu 25 May 2023 20:00
@ Old Trafford
Premier League
Manchester United