Alex Scott

Midfielder (Centre) / AM (CR)
20 years old
Preferred Foot
5'10 / 178 cm
Player Rating
Rating - Tech: 5 Rating - Strength: 3 Rating - Intell: 5 Rating - Speed: 3 Rating - Stamina: 3 Rating - Tech: 5 Rating - Strength: 3 Rating - Intell: 5 Rating - Speed: 3 Rating - Stamina: 3
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Player Traits

Close ball control

Scout Report

Scout: Daniel Wainwright
Date: 16/03/2024
Recommendation: Solid Performer (View Guide)
Potential Ability: 
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Alex Scott epitomizes the modern footballer, boasting a well-rounded skill set and tactical versatility that make him an invaluable asset to any team. His adaptability allows him to excel in a variety of positions on the pitch, seamlessly transitioning between defensive, midfield, and attacking roles with ease.

Technically gifted, Scott possesses exceptional ball control and dribbling ability, enabling him to navigate through congested areas of the pitch with finesse. His close control under pressure affords him the ability to retain possession in tight spaces, making him a reliable outlet for his teammates during build-up play.

Scott's astute understanding of the game is reflected in his tactical awareness and positional intelligence. Whether deployed as a midfielder, full-back, or winger, he demonstrates a keen sense of anticipation and an ability to read the flow of the game, allowing him to make timely interceptions and positional adjustments to thwart opposition attacks.

Despite his attacking prowess, Scott remains committed to his defensive duties, exemplifying a strong work ethic and a willingness to track back and contribute defensively when needed. His defensive contributions often prove crucial in regaining possession and initiating counter-attacks, showcasing his versatility and team-oriented mentality.

Moreover, Scott's versatility extends beyond his positional flexibility to his ability to impact games in various phases. Whether orchestrating play from deep midfield or providing creative spark in the final third he consistently demonstrates composure and confidence on the ball, dictating the tempo of the game and influencing proceedings in his team's favor.

In summary, Alex Scott emerges as a versatile and technically gifted footballer, possessing the tactical acumen and defensive diligence to excel in a variety of roles. His ability to seamlessly transition between positions, coupled with his technical proficiency make him a valuable asset to any team, capable of making significant contributions in all phases of the game.

Scout History

Wed 13 Mar 2024 19:30
@ Vitality Stadium
Premier League
Luton Town